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Getting from here to there can be practically stress-free, extremely productive, and affordable if you hire the professional movers from MartinCFS to coordinate and complete your relocation. We're a leading safe moving company based in Lancaster, PA that provide additional logistical services. Our full-time pro movers have experience with commercial and national moves and relocations. We also offer warehousing solutions and additional services for customers across the country – from Pennsylvania to as far as Hawaii and other locations in surrounding areas.

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What makes MartinCFS your top choice among professional moving companies is the wide range of services we offer. In addition to our primary moving services, we provide international office relocation, warehousing services, as well as complete IT and data center relocation. If your business is relocating, expanding, consolidating, or in need of distribution services, we are able to help with one, all-inclusive solution.

Our moving and storage services include both short-term and long-term storage options. If you're searching for trustworthy, safe movers, partnering with MartinCFS is your best option. Our professional movers will work with you to coordinate and execute all details of your commercial move. We're just as meticulous and client-focused with our commercial moving services. We encourage you to reach out and start the conversation about your needs.

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Are you tired of constantly Googling “moving help near me?” Good news—You found a do-it-all partner you can trust. As one of Lancaster's first-rate relocation companies, we are adept at solving even the most challenging, logistical issues. Our versatile moving services that include massive office relocations with full furniture installation for businesses. You can also take comfort in knowing our professional local movers will make every effort to protect your items and streamline the moving process. Our office and house movers routinely achieve this goal for our customers by:

We also provide data eradication and degaussing services. By using the least expensive yet most thorough form of data destruction, hard drive degaussers are able to completely clear your confidential information, no questions asked. Our Proton 105 Multimedia Shredder also offers a secure, fast option for all types of media. From drives to USB sticks and DVDs, our state-of-the-art data destruction is ideal for any business looking to wipe data.

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MartinCFS offers highly flexible, client-focused moving services. With commercial moves, for instance, our skilled teams can just take care of the heavy lifting or lend a hand with the packing and the other details associated with relocation. From the initial planning and packing to cleanup, our attention to detail is just as evident with commercial relocations. No matter what's involved with your move, there are many advantages associated with hiring MartinCFS as your preferred professional moving company.

We have experienced, highly dedicated professional movers and support staff ready to get to work for you. Whether your move involves relocation, furniture installation, or warehousing and storage, count on our team to provide the resources you need.

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