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Our full-service movers provide one source for the complex array of moving solution services involved with a facility/business relocation through our One Source process. We represent our customer and protect their interests.

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Complete Project Management Services


As experienced professional movers, MartinCFS supplies sophisticated office relocation project management services. Moving companies help numerous enterprises resolve relocation problems during the course of a typical year. Our extensive roster of moving solutions permits us to coordinate seamless moves management strategies.

Our full service movers assist offices of every size. By serving as a project manager for a relocation, our moving management company endeavors to help clients save money and obtain the most cost-effective, efficient office relocation management services. Consider requesting our moving options to help streamline a pending transition from one business or residential address to another. Request these types of assistance:

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Planning On Time Relocations

The skills of a full service mover involves helping customers save money by coordinating the logistics of relocations. Customers who search online for "moving companies near me" sometimes require this type of in-depth assistance in order to meet pressing deadlines. The project management service movers at MartinCFS help develop detailed guidelines for relocations, branch office openings, IT transitions, and other important events.

Obtaining Clear Moving Timelines

One especially valuable relocation project management service we offer as relates to double-checking tentative time lines. Enterprises sometimes inadvertently schedule tasks out of sequence due to unforeseen changes or new developments. By hiring MartinCFS as a project manager, customers ensure an objective third party evaluates relocation plans to prevent conflicts and expedite the delivery of moving services.

Grassroots Relocation Coordination

We supply valuable on-site supervision during a relocation, if desired. Our company offers moving help at a grassroots level to help ensure our customers enjoy efficient transitions from one location to another.

Site Labeling Services

Not all moving companies offer to label a relocation destination. We do. Taking this step helps ensure commercial or residential movers place freight in the correct room. (Our packing personnel also supply labeling assistance to clearly identify moving boxes.)

Space Planning Assistance

Relocating enterprises sometimes encounter delays when the square footage of a new commercial location cannot accommodate an existing inventory or labor force. Our relocation management efforts help ensure seamless transitions by alerting responsible managers to potential space limitations well in advance of the relocation date. Our project management services may help avoid costly mistakes in contracting services.

Coordinating The Relocation of Business Assets

During a seamless move, the size of an entrance or a corridor sometimes matters during the installation of equipment, furniture, manufacturing machinery, or other material. Contracting services without researching dimensional requirements may prove expensive. Our project management services help prevent this type of oversight through careful advanced planning.

Arranging For Vendor And Contractor Services

Imagine the disruption caused by a commercial relocation to a site lacking installed landlines or utility services? Our project management services team helps ensure seamless business and residential transitions by researching options for the provision of some third party contractor services in advance. As both residential movers and commercial movers, we help customers devise intelligent relocation timetables.

Measuring Progress During a Relocation

Monitoring scheduled and unscheduled events during any relocation holds value. Our moving service offers project management skills to help prevent a variety of disruptions; if unexpected situations arise, we offer tracking and documenting services.

Excellent Moving Solutions Providers


Never search for qualified "moving companies near me" again in the Lancaster, PA area! Rely on MartinCFS for skilled management services. We offer excellent, responsive customer services. Contact us today!

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How Our Moving Management Can Help You

Pre Move
  • Discuss and develop overall office relocation plan
  • Determine services that will be needed
  • Create/review space planning/layouts
  • Assess furniture, equipment, and storage needs
  • Outline dates, timing, and schedule requirements
  • Provide/coordinate special services: Phone, Data, Rigging, etc
  • Deliver packing and other materials to new office location
  • Support packing, e.g. File/storage systems, labeling
  • Support customer move preparation
  • Coordinate delivery and installation of new office furniture and equipment
  • Execute the relocation of existing contents
  • Remove any surplus to storage/sale/donation/disposal
Post Move
  • Complete set up of office, production, and storage areas
  • Assist with unpacking and settling-in process
  • Exit cleaning & repair of vacated site
  • Follow up to support additional needs

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