IT Relocation & Data Center Relocation Services

Office and data center relocation in a fast-paced environment of mergers and constantly evolving technology is one of the most complex challenges facing companies and institutions of all types. MartinCFS offers affordable and efficient data center relocation services in partnership with our national and international associates allowing our clients to focus more on the internal workings of thier company. We offer our IT relocation services across the East Coast and even internationally. Contact us today to learn more about our data center relocation services in PA!

Reasons for Change:
Reasons for Change:

IT Relocation Relocation
IT Relocation Relocation
IT Relocation Relocation
IT Relocation Relocation
IT Relocation Relocation
IT Relocation Relocation

IT Relocation


Through the process of acquiring new equipment and merging data centers, the ability to manage all of the assets becomes increasingly difficult. With our project assessment services we can provide a comprehensive audit of the current environment to determine areas where you can improve efficiency. The results enable you to reduce technology costs while increasing reliability and system performance.

Data Center Relocation Logistics

Commercial office relocation services involving data center transfers and server relocations are not usually a simple matter. At MartinCFS, we will consolidate the existing data center, or merge with another data center, and provide you with a plan to meet the requirements of the new environment. This includes the placement of equipment, changes to environmental needs, and network design, all of which provide you with the satisfaction of knowing the new data center can operate at optimal levels.

Equipment De-Install/Reinstall

A component of the server relocation is the deinstallation of the equipment at the current site and the re-installation at the new location. When necessary, MartinCFS will contract with all major OEM’s for warranty/maintenance to ensure the equipment will continue to be maintained at the proper levels once in its new location.

Packing & Transportation: Server Relocation

Once equipment has been deinstalled, MartinCFS will either use packing materials you provide or secure anti-static and OEM packing materials required for each piece of equipment being moved. Custom crating and security seals are used to ensure the safety of the equipment. Lift gate transportation in climate-controlled vehicles also will be arranged, along with insurance on the equipment during the physical move to the new location. If required, MartinCFS will also secure warehousing and storage in the event of a delayed delivery.

Equipment End of Life

As server equipment leases end and technology turnover causes hardware to become obsolete, data center managers find themselves faced with disposing of equipment. MartinCFS will deinstall the hardware and dispose of each piece as required . This includes possible packaging and transportation to another location (for equipment resale of storage), or equipment destruction.

Used Equipment Purchase/Lease

Data center mergers/consolidations can cause equipment to be taken out of service before the end of its useful life. This opens up a market for used equipment purchase or lease. In addition, when very large equipment, such as tape silos, need to be moved quickly, lease equipment can prove invaluable to meet the time requirements. MartinCFS relocation services can secure used equipment for these and other needs within the data center.


MartinCFS provides a full complement of warehousing and distribution services.

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    - Mansfield


  • The movers did an excellent job!!

    - A.B.H.

  • Our move could not have been smoother...disassembled, moved and re-assembled quickly under some very adverse circumstances. Your team was wonderful, very well-mannered and service oriented.”

    - Laura Parker

    Parker Advertising Services

  • The pre-move and post-move communications were excellent, the truck arrived exactly as promised (almost to the minute). Jay, Dan and Fred were easy to talk with and could not have been more cooperative and understanding.

    - Larry and Linda Beidel

  • Your team did a fantastic job getting the furniture out of the office here on Long Island today. They were prompt, courteous, professional and very efficient. It has been a great pleasure working with your team!

    - Peggy Seibert

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    - Gail Smith

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    - Mark Maioriello

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    - Liz Martin

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  • I have been severely remiss in not contacting you sooner ~ job well done!! The move last Thursday was flawless from my perspective ~ I appreciate the hard work and commitment of your entire staff ~ pleasant to work with, and very efficient. Look forward to working with you again, probably late August!!

    - Donna Matuzak, B.S., CNMT

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