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At MartinCFS, we have over 30 years of experience providing data center relocation services. We know that moving your office or company to a new building can be a stressful and challenging job. Our data center relocation company provides data destruction services like data relocation logistics, equipment deinstall/reinstall, packing and transportation, equipment end of life, and warehousing. Contact us today to get a free quote and more information about our data center relocation services!

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Data Destruction Services We Offer


Here is a look at all the data destruction services we offer to you during your data center relocation.

Liftgate trucks

These trucks are designed to raise and lower items from ground level to the level of a tractor-trailer—no need to worry about MartinCFS being able to move large and bulky servers. Our lift gate trucks ensure that we can move any technical equipment safely and professionally to your new office.

Climate trucks

This advanced tool allows our data center relocation services to ship and transport your IT equipment in a temperature-controlled environment. This will protect your systems from overheating or being damaged by unknown temperatures. MartinCFS makes sure that all our climate-controlling trucks are sealed entirely before transporting any equipment.

Kick-back dollies

A kick-back dolly is similar to any appliance dolly used to transport refrigerators and other bulky equipment. What makes a kick-back dolly unique is the four wheels that are included. This allows MartinCFS superior office movers to move your equipment at a steady pace and release it when needed. The four wheels allow the dolly to hold your technology or any office equipment in place with a pin while the office movers figure out how to navigate your equipment or where to place it.

Roll Lifts

This equipment allows our data destruction services to transport the most substantial servers and bulkiest equipment safely and reliably. Small cranes will enable MartinCFS to carry equipment to our climate-controlled trucks.

Server Lifts

We know that your servers and server system are integral to your business. That is why we use server lifts to make sure that all servers are lifted correctly and with high-quality machining.

Machine Carts

This equipment is used to move valuable office machines safely and effectively. We can move machines that all offices have like copy machines, desk supplies, printers, and scanners.


Hard drive degaussers allow us to reduce or eliminate an unwanted magnetic field that may be around your data, computers, laptops, disk, or hard drives. Degaussers ensure that your data is always secure and unable to be hacked during the data center relocation process. We currently use the Proton T-1 Automatic Drawer-Style Hard Drive and Magnetic Media Degausser for all our degaussing needs.


We also offer services on data eradication. With our shredder, the Proton 105 Multimedia Shredder, we can shred hard drives, solid-state drives, flash media, optical media, and more. No matter what technology you need to eradicate, we have a hard drive shredding service that will work for you!


We have scanning technology that can inventory and scan hard drive systems. That way, you can keep track of your most valuable data information quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, we take our data destruction services very seriously. Contact our data center relocation services today to get a free quote on your company's data relocation!

Why You Need Hard Drive Destruction Service


As server equipment leases end and technology turnover causes the hardware to become obsolete, data center managers find themselves faced with disposing of old data equipment. At our data center relocation services, we will deinstall the device and dispose of each piece of equipment as required. This includes possible transportation to another location ( for equipment storage), equipment, and data destruction.

One of the main parts of data destruction that our team specializes in is hard drive degaussing. A hard drive degausser can severely reduce or even eliminate unwanted magnetic fields from any disk media. This includes a laptop or computer hard drives, cassettes, film reels, and much more. Our hard drive degausser takes between 5 to 60 seconds to eliminate the magnetic field from your unwanted user data. This ensures that all the data that was on these hard drives or media files are safely deleted and no longer able to be accessed by anyone. Hard drive degaussing is especially recommended for businesses with sensitive information. Contact our data center relocation company today to learn more about our hard drive degaussing services!

Let Us Help Your Data Center Relocation Go Smoothly


If you are not sure where to get started when moving your IT department, call MartinCFS today. We are a flexible company that uses our IT relocation services nationally and internationally. Our data center relocation services are unmatched, and we look forward to showing you our capabilities and adapting our services to meet your company's or businesses' needs best. Reach out to us today to get more information about how MartinCFS can help safely move your company's IT equipment and department!

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