Moving Company in Chester County

Moving to a new home or office in Chester County, or anywhere for that matter, can be overwhelming without the right people to assist you. Martin CFS is a residential relocation and commercial moving company in Chester County that will get your things where they need to be with little effort on your part. What sets Martin CFS apart from many Pennsylvania moving companies is our start to finish, full service approach that goes beyond just moving your possessions from one place to another. From packing all of your boxes to handling post-move clean up at your old home or office, to furniture installation and layout design, they have you covered. Whether you're moving to Chester County or within Pennsylvania, all along the East Coast, or into the Midwest, their experienced staff of furniture movers, piano movers, furniture installers, and project managers will guide you every step of the way.

Planning is fundamental to the moving services offered by Martin CFS. Our experienced project managers the time to discuss what exactly you want them to handle and what you want to handle yourself, they assure you get exactly the services you need. They also take into account special considerations for those items that seem like a nightmare to transport, scheduling, and storage needs, so an effective plan can be formulated.

Residential Relocation Services in Chester County


As furniture movers servicing Chester County, Martin CFS can handle the transport, furniture installation, storage or any other moving services you may need during the relocation. These services are especially convenient for office, IT/server and warehouse relocations. With one moving and storage company handling your items from start to finish, there is no concern for miscommunication or lost items. Our warehouses can securely store large or small items for long or short term durations, and the furniture movers at Martin CFS will take your unwanted items to donation centers.

With their experience in design, lay out, and furniture installation, Martin CFS can make any space come together as you need it. The team is trained in a variety of furniture and equipment set up and has experience with hospitality facilities, health care facilities, data center relocations, and offices. Cabinetry, shelving, and furniture modifications are all within the scope of service. Their partnerships with used and new furniture suppliers translate to convenience for you, as they can help you find what you need and coordinate delivery.

If you need moving services within or outside Chester County and whether you need residential relocation services or a commercial moving company, Martin CFS has the experience and resources to accomplish the task. Contact us today to speak with an experienced member of our team!





Companies MartinCFS has helped...

  • Your firm did a great job with all of my moves.. thank you!!!!


  • The case work is outstanding and a beautiful improvement to the Mansfield University Grant Science Center. We appreciate the great work, attention to detail and the friendly helpful team. It has been a pleasure working with everyone,

    - Mansfield


  • The movers did an excellent job!!

    - A.B.H.

  • Our move could not have been smoother...disassembled, moved and re-assembled quickly under some very adverse circumstances. Your team was wonderful, very well-mannered and service oriented.”

    - Laura Parker

    Parker Advertising Services

  • The pre-move and post-move communications were excellent, the truck arrived exactly as promised (almost to the minute). Jay, Dan and Fred were easy to talk with and could not have been more cooperative and understanding.

    - Larry and Linda Beidel

  • Your team did a fantastic job getting the furniture out of the office here on Long Island today. They were prompt, courteous, professional and very efficient. It has been a great pleasure working with your team!

    - Peggy Seibert

    PAP Technologies

  • Your team did a great job moving our Corporate Headquarters. I really appreciate how well things turned out and the excellent customer service provided to MTS Travel.

    - Gail Smith

    MTS Travel

  • Thank you so much for all of your help. The installation went very smoothly. The guys did an outstanding job. It was a pleasure working with all of you. I look forward to working with you again.

    - Mark Maioriello

    Smilebuilderz Dental Health

  • Martin CFS is one of th most organized and professional movers we have worked with. Their staff is courteous, prompt and very conscientious. We highly recommend them.

    - Liz Martin

    Martin Insurance Agency

  • Thanks so much! We'll get this turned in to corporate this morning. I sincerely appreciate everyone. I could not have asked for a more pleasant and professional team to work with!!

    - Shannon Gwin


  • Job well done - the guys were really helpful and productive!!

    - Scott

  • I have been severely remiss in not contacting you sooner ~ job well done!! The move last Thursday was flawless from my perspective ~ I appreciate the hard work and commitment of your entire staff ~ pleasant to work with, and very efficient. Look forward to working with you again, probably late August!!

    - Donna Matuzak, B.S., CNMT

    Lancaster General Health